Pinterest Pumpkin Recipes Tested!

It’s October!  This is definitely one of my favorite months, especially now that I live on the east coast.  All the trees are beautiful and the weather still isn’t awful.  Since I moved out of my parents house, the quality of my food has definitely plummeted–not because I’m a bad cook, but because my gas oven is terrible (Okay, maybe I just haven’t adjusted to it yet and I’m biased about electric ovens).  Either way, I wanted to make some pumpkin desserts for fall and thought I’d test a few from Pinterest!

The first recipe I tried was a complete fail.  I didn’t even take a picture.  The bottom was completely burned and the center wasn’t even cooked.  If I did this again, I would definitely lower the temperature and maybe put it in a cupcake form instead.  What I did taste from the very top tasted good, so I might try it again with a few adjustments!

The next recipe I tried was for pumpkin molasses cookies.  I’m a huuugge fan of molasses cookies, so I figured adding pumpkin to them would make them even better!  These turned out super good, although I can’t decide if I actually like them better than normal molasses cookies.

The last recipe is for a homemade, vegan pumpkin spice latte.  I work at Starbucks, so I know exactly how they’re made, and I was a little nervous about this recipe.  I didn’t follow it exactly (mostly because I didn’t have vanilla almond milk, just regular almond milk so I added vanilla, along with some extra spices and a bit of sugar).  I can’t complain about the drink, but if you want a PSL dupe, this isn’t it.  Starbucks uses concentrated pumpkin syrup that is probably super processed, so this recipe tastes a lot fresher and actually a lot closer to real pumpkin.


I hope you all are enjoying fall to the fullest and try out some pumpkin recipes!  If you find some that are really perfect, let me know!


Until next time,



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